Distributed Warehouse Management

Overview of the AEPS Warehouse Management System
AEPS Warehouse Management system is a component of AEPS’s Supply Chain Management and Manufacturing solution. It spans the areas of warehouse resource management, warehouse configuration, task management, advanced pick methodologies, and value added services.
AEPS Warehouse Management optimizes the material handling business processes for warehouses, manufacturing facilities, and distribution centers. AEPS Warehouse Management supports both paper-based and automated environments with material handling systems and radio frequency (RF) hand-held computers. To optimize the order fulfillment process, AEPS Warehouse Management provides advanced distribution processes, such as value-added services, cross docking, order assembly postponement, and resource and task management.
AEPS Warehouse Management also provides an easy-to-use interface for mobile, wireless hand-held computers. Mobility, process automation, and bar code scanning greatly improve the efficiency of the Supply Chain Logistics business processes.

The AEPS Warehouse Management functionality spans the supply chain inventory management spectrum. Specifically, AEPS Warehouse Management addresses the following supply chain inventory management components:
• Inbound Logistics: Includes receiving directly into inventory, receipt inspections, label printing, and rules-based directed put away to storage or opportunistic cross docking
• Storage and Facility Management: In addition to AEPS suite of Mixed Mode Manufacturing storage and facility management module, AEPS Warehouse Management extends intra-organization replenishments, container management, storage space optimization, cycle counting and physical inventory, and physical warehouse mapping.
• Value Added Services: Includes labeling, packing, and kitting
• Outbound Logistics: Includes picking, staging, packing, product consolidation, loading, and shipping
• Reverse Logistics: Includes product returns, refurbishment, and recycling